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How to choose the use of the use of the detection of the Chi

Due to the high demand for the detection of the lean meat and the limitation of laboratory equipment, the large number of units is difficult to be applied to the development of ELISA and GC-MS/LC-MS. So just a few minutes can be able to live out the results and the test conditions and detection of personnel are not too high requirements of the fast gold standard test card will become the first choice.

With the rapid detection of the popularity of the card, coupled with the recent 3.15 events, the producers and distributors are very many. Recently, a large number of different brands on the market, the price of a messy, lean meat, a piece of paper. Many of them are also the quality pass off the sham as the genuine, have yet to be verified. Detection card belongs to the use of very simple high-tech products, its R & D and production requires a high level of technology and demanding production standards and conditions. Under the current situation, there are some businesses use some cheating products with low price for signs to the entire market bring considerable adverse effects. But also to bring a lot of trouble to the user. We provide the following special some suggestions, hoping to help users to sudden impact, also please expert criticism.

One, the accuracy rate of

Accuracy rate is the most basic requirements of the test strip products, test strip allows a certain percentage of false positive rate, usually qualified manufacturers control in 2%--5%. But false negatives are absolutely not allowed. The accuracy of the verification can be performed in the laboratory by itself or in a conditional. The method is very simple, according to their own needs with some standard samples. Look at the product test results are in agreement with the configuration of the concentration. If the positive urine was negative, that this card has a false negative, it is definitely not qualified. If it is negative but the results reflected in urine is positive, that is a false positive ratio. According to the number of random checks can be initially estimated the positive rate, if more than 5%, the quality of the product is at least not good.

Two, detection limit (Ling Mindu)

Get on the market at present the most used clenbuterol hydrochloride as an example. In 2004, the state introduced the industry standard, the requirement is 3ng/ml. But most of the domestic manufacturers do not actually do. A lot of foreign 3ng/ml, but in fact can only do 8ng/ml or 10ng/ml some even worse. Verification method is also very simple, that is their own or entrust qualified laboratory with several 3ng / ml or you want the detection limit concentration of assessment, see the card if the test results are in agreement with the urine.

Friendly reminder: generally do not easily believe that the standard samples provided by the manufacturer.

Three, stability

There are many factors that affect the quality of fast detection card, the most important and the most difficult is the stability. Many manufacturers can make small batches of qualified products, mass production is unstable. So now there are a lot of manufacturers to take a small batch of laboratory tests to assess the customer or a trial. There will be a lot of problems but really big batch to begin with. Because this often requires a lot of trial or long-term use can be the evaluation, so the actual assessment is more difficult. There is an approach to the stability of different manufacturers of indirect comparison, is to require manufacturers to provide the highest sensitivity of the product, the higher the usually do, in a slightly lower sensitivity when the more stable.

Friendly reminder: the new brand should be used with caution, in going to see whether can inquire and brand cooperation a brand product. For example: Shuanghui, Yu Run etc..

Four, the Ministry of agriculture for the record or the authority of the inspection report

Ministry of agriculture in 2005 on the introduction of regulations, production and marketing of lean sperm detection card business. Must have a Ministry of agriculture for the record or the authority of the inspection report (China on the inspection of the test kit is the most authoritative department is the Ministry of agriculture β doping benchmark laboratory, China has a total of four such benchmarks, including the Huazhong Agricultural University's benchmark laboratory and the Chinese veterinary drug monitoring, etc.).

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