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I was included in the national "863 plan""

In August 2013, the company “ non food raw materials biological method 500000 tons / year of the biological base product PBS industrialization project ” was included in the national “ 863 plan ”.

The project as the first, the world's second to non grain crops as raw materials, in biological production of organic acids in industrial production lines, in line with the the national high technology research and development program (863 Program) biological and medical technology in 2014 the candidate item collection Guide & ldquo; 5. Bulk bio based chemicals derived transformation & rdquo; item, after the completion of our bio based material to replace petroleum chemical derivatives industry to a huge role in promoting.

863 biotechnology and pharmaceutical bulk bio based chemicals derived from the transformation theme Project No. 2014AA021205, subject name as & ldquo; biological butanedioic acid of 1, 4 - butyl glycol Technology

Note: the 863 plan, the national high tech research and development program, is a national plan for the government to take some limited areas as the research object. 863 plan as a strategic plan for the development of China's high technology research, which aims to improve our country's independent innovation ability, adhere to the strategic, cutting-edge and forward-looking, with the focus on cutting-edge technology research and development, and to co-ordinate the integration of high technology and industrialization demonstration, is a banner of China's high technology development.

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