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Heme protein powder

Heme protein powder

Product features and characteristics


Heme protein powder is made up of a bivalent iron set in a former porphin ring, constitute the compound. To pass through the centrifugal separation of anticoagulant fresh pig blood, red blood cells, hemolysis, precipitate dissolved hemoglobin, separation, crystallization and refined but become, have important physiological function and high practical value, in the feed, food, health care products, widely used in chemical industry and cosmetics industry.


Product characteristics and efficacy


(1) health pig blood fresh ingredients, pure biological method to extract, does not contain toxic components.


Channel (2) the use of peptide absorption, high bioavailability, animal blood tonic effect is good.


(3) the iron metal elements for consolidation, nature is stable, not easy to produce antagonism with other metal elements.


(4) the rich organic iron, promoting bone marrow hematopoietic and hemolytic and uncontrolled hemorrhagic anemia treatment of animals.


The product application


(1) the direct use of protein peptide absorption channel, to avoid the competition with other mineral elements absorption and bioavailability are significantly higher than other iron agent is added in the piglet and sow feed heme protein powder can effectively prevent anemia, enhancing animal hematopoietic function, promote growth;


(2) the hemoglobin protein powder can provide both animal body needs amino acids, and provides iron and other trace elements, and is easy to be absorbed by the body, so as to strengthen the function of "producing blood of animals and obviously improve animal fur traits.


(3) in the field of meat industry, heme protein powder can replace traditional nitrite hair color agent, is added in the ham and sausage products heme protein powder, its products section of uniform color, fresh and beautiful, strong toughness, pure flavor.


(4) the absorption rate of more than 90%, no resistance, no residue, non-toxic side effects;


The application of the heme protein powder in the piglet feed


Inner Mongolia university (2003) of piglets feeding heme protein powder of the test results show that adding 3% heme protein powder group piglet feed conversion ratio, the lowest growth performance is best. And enhanced piglet immunity, improve the piglet breeding rate, increasing the iron content in blood of animals, which can be used as iron supplements.

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