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NP - 2002 spray drying pig pig blood plasma protein powder is collected fresh health, after anticoagulation, cold chain transportation, separation, filtering, concentrating, centrifugal spray drying process in the production of high quality protein feed raw materials. With high protein content, comprehensive, high digestibility, promote growth, these products good palatability, strong, rich in immune substances, immune system, etc. Amino acid composition, the desired and are rich in immune globulin, white egg white and functional proteins, such as nutrition binding protein can effective prevention and treatment of diarrhea piglets and diarrhea, promote food intake, relieve stress, high quality protein source are ruminants cub.


Product features


High protein content, amino acid composition is ideal and has good palatability, there are special meat aroma.

These products excellent, the digestion rate above 95%, absorption rate, promote the body's rapid growth.

Are rich in immune globulin, overcome weaned stress, enhance piglets resistance.

Biological safety is high, specially the biological process, stable nature, long storage period.


Health standard for


This product conform to the requirements of the feed hygiene standards and the standards set by the state.


Product specification


20 kg/bag, the effect of composite fiber packing.


Matters needing attention


This product may not be feeding ruminants;

This product easy absorption of moisture, after unsealing used up as soon as possible;

This product in the process of transport and storage, pay attention to moistureproof, mouldproof and rat.


Storage and shelf life


Buy a cool and dry place preservation; Shelf life is 18 months


The application test


NP - 2002 plasma protein powder spray drying the pig in the application of piglets


Effective prevention and treatment of diarrhea piglets


New born piglets itself has no active immune function, piglets intestinal immune response ability is low and harmful bacteria, viruses, and bad living environment sanitation cause diarrhea piglets rate increase, caused by slow growth, susceptible to weaning piglets stress syndrome, etc. NP - 2002 plasma protein powder spray drying pigs and fish meal feeding, spray drying NP - 2002 pig plasma protein powder can effectively control the piglet diarrhea rate, reduce because of diarrhea piglets to heal and breeding cycle extension caused by rising costs.